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Martín y Soler Hall

An artistic and educational area ideal for reflection, learning and enjoyment in a more intimate space.


The Martín y Soler hall is a symmetric room like the Lucrecia Bori hall with a capacity for 96 spectators intended for the development of activities that are parallel or supplementary to musical activity. It has hosted conferences, literary and poetry encounters, small format concerts, presentations, training sessions, etc. It also serves as a key support for the congresse´s activity, with curtains for better acoustics.


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    Sound, video and lighting systems

    • Three balanced signal lines from the hall to the control room.
    • A VGA line and a coaxial RG59 line from the hall to the projector.
    • A VGA line and a coaxial RG59 line from the control room to the projector.

    Sound systems

    • Two 120 W RMS BOSE Paranay 402 speakers.
    • A BOSE Paranay System Digital Controller II sound processor.
    • A DAS Audio PS-400 power stage.
    • YAMAHA 01 V and YAMAHA MX 12/6 mixers.

    Video systems

    • Automatically raised 4 x 3 meters screen.
    • 4000 lm suspended Hitachi CP-WX4022 projector.

    lighting systems

    • Overhead and side illumination with 18 100 W halogen lights.

    It is possible to regulate the lighting intensity in the Lucrecia Bori hall via a six channel dimmer. There are also rail Erco projectors with an 80 W PAR lamp for exhibition lighting.